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The History Department in Cross and Passion College encourages pupils to think for themselves, to appreciate the difficulties of building a picture of the past using incomplete or biased evidence and to understand that interpretations of past events and people may differ.  Students are given opportunities to develop their ability to think critically and are encouraged to transfer these skills to other areas of study and to the contemporary world. We believe the study of History should be accessible to all pupils, interesting, relevant and fun!


Mrs I McCarry (HOD)

Key Stage 3

Throughout KS3 pupils are encouraged to focus on the marketable skills and knowledge acquired through the study of history. Pupils investigate the nature of historical study, their own life history, the range of evidence available about the past and taught how historians use chronology to order and label events and people. 

Year 8
In Year 8 there is a major focus on the nature and value of the subject for 21st Century students.  Pupils are provided with a ‘historical tool kit’ which they use to investigate a wide range of themes, people and events including:

  • What is history?
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Local archaeological and historical heritage
  • The life and times of Anne Frank
  • The Norman Impact on the Medieval World

Year 9
The title ‘From Renaissance to Revolution’ Europe and the wider world c1490 – 1798, provide a framework in which pupils are given the opportunity to explore the causes and consequences of major developments in history including: 

  • The Impact of the Renaissance in shaping Modern Times
  • Exploration and Colonisation
  • Rebellions and Revolutions that shaped our world

Year 10
In Year 10, pupils undertake a number of focused studies with the aim of helping them understand the complexities of the contemporary world, the themes include:

  • The Great Famine
  • The causes and consequences of the Partition of Ireland
  • A life through documents: using the National Archives
  • International Terrorism


GCSE History

Pupils study the CCEA specification, which includes study of the following:

  • Germany 1918-41
  • Changing Relationships: Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland (1965-85)
  • The Cold War
  • Controlled Assessment (completed in Year 12)


AS/A2 History

Pupils study the CCEA specification, which includes study of the following:

AS level

  • Germany 1918-45
  • Russia 1903-41

A2 level

  • Clash of Ideologies, 1900-2000
  • Partition of Ireland 1900-25


Pupils get the experience of archaeological and historical visits to local sites and visits to museums and interpretive centres.