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Moyle Shared Education Programme

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Collaboration between Cross and Passion College and Ballycastle High School has been ongoing for many years and goes from strength to strength each year. Currently there are 300 pupils involved in shared classes at Key Stage 4 and post 16. There are many benefits to our shared education programme including greater curriculum choice for pupils, sharing of good practice, challenged perceptions of 'the other community' and the building of good relationships between pupils and staff from the two schools.

Many initiatives have been put in place to ensure the shared education programme is a success. These include:

  • Joint staff INSETs
  • Scheduled meetings of school management, SENCOs, Year Heads and Departments
  • Daily sharing of information
  • Co-ordinating of parents evenings
  • Consortium arrangements for BTEC
  • Joint School Council
  • Joint Board of Governors sub-committee
  • Synchronisation of school diaries

The future of the Moyle Shared Education Programme looks extremely positive and will include a shared campus, closer school development planning and shared PRSD Development objectives.

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Shared Education Mission Statement

Shared Education Key Facts