Work Experience

Our pupils are offered the opportunity to take part in work experience as part of their work-related learning programme. Pupils will gain experiences of work in a variety of private and public sector organisations such as local businesses, health service, schools, etc. Pupils will use work experience to inform their career planning and enhance their applications to third level institutions. Year 13 pupils complete work experience during November. Some Year 12s will be completing their work experience early in the new year. Through work experience, pupils can become more aware of and develop key skills which will ultimately enhance their employability.

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

The aim of our CEIAG programme is to help the pupils of Cross and Passion make positive and informed decisions about their career pathway so that they can confidently make the next step to Further/Higher Education, or to employment. Throughout their school career, all our young people will be supported in making good choices at key transition stages (GCSE, A Level and Post-18).

Cross and Passion provides:

  • An employability programme for all pupils at Key Stages 3 and 4
  • A Careers Education programme from Years 10 - 14
  • Individual careers guidance for all pupils at crucial transition stages
  • Individual careers guidance interviews with the DEL Careers Adviser for all pupils in Year 12 and any other pupil who requests additional support
  • Programmes across the curriculum to develop key employability skills
  • Opportunities for pupils to engage in STEM related activities


A dedicated team of enthusiastic careers teachers who attend professional development courses and keep abreast of current employment trends and needs. Through our Personal Career Planning programme, pupils are encouraged to:

  • Reflect on their strengths, personal qualities, aspirations and aptitudes
  • Research information relating to a wide range of career opportunities
  • Use labour market information to help inform their career planning
  • Explore progression routes to Further/Higher Education and employment
  • Consider a range of options and make realistic choices
  • Actively participate in workshops/programmes hosted by Young Enterprise
  • Learn from professional speakers from industry and employment
  • Attend Open Days and Careers conventions/fairs
  • Attend any organised talks relating to their areas of interest
  • Engage in a period of meaningful work experience
  • Attend mock interviews
  • Choose the pathway in which they are most likely to experience success

Links with Employers and the Business Community

Careers Visit to Impact

The Careers and Employability programmes are greatly enriched by the involvement of employers and the business community. We have developed very effective links and we listen carefully to what the employability needs of local employers are. We use this information to help inform our curriculum.

DEL Careers Service

Yvonne Leslie is our Careers Advisor from the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) and is based in Ballymoney Jobs & Benefits Office. She comes into school about once a week. 

Yvonne invites every Year 12 pupil for a Careers Guidance interview. This one-to-one meeting helps our pupils with their career planning by looking at:

  • their interests
  • how they are getting on at school
  • their likes and dislikes
  • family influences
  • barriers to certain careers
  • career ideas they already have

Yvonne also carries out some classwork activities with Year 10s. Pupils in other year groups can see Yvonne by contacting Miss Duffin, Head of Careers. You can contact Yvonne via Miss Duffin, directly via the NI Direct Careers website, or by calling 0300 200 7820.

Yvonne Leslie

Yvonne Leslie