Key Stage 3

Building for Success

Home Economics

A quality Key Stage 3 experience for young people is crucial, as it is at this stage that they develop their confidence and self-belief, as well as the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful learners.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring a smooth transition from Primary School through a series of planned activities and consultation with Primary School teachers and parents
  • Setting high expectations and encouraging high aspirations
  • Fostering a love of learning and genuine spirit of enquiry
  • Meeting the needs of all types of learners and promoting success for all

We provide:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum which builds a sound foundation for progression to Key Stage 4
  •  A 'Learning to Learn' programme where pupils acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to become confident, successful learners
  • Opportunities for pupils to reflect on their own progress, to set challenging targets and to aspire to high levels of achievement
  • Support for pupils to make connections in their learning across all areas of the curriculum

We also:

  • Track pupil progress by assessing levels of ability and achievement when they enter the school
  • Set pupils according to their abilities and aptitudes
  • Monitor their academic progress closely and engage the young people as full partners with their parents and teachers in discussing strategies for improving learning
  • Provide Key Stage 3 pupils with a wide range of activities which will enable them to identify and develop their talents and strengths
  • Strongly encourage them to play a full and active part in the life of Cross and Passion College

Key Stage 3 Learning Areas

The Key Stage 3 currciculum includes the following learning areas:

Art & Design

Home Economics
Learning for Life and Work

Religious Studies
Physical Education
Information Technology

In addition pupils develop skills in communication, use of mathematics and ICT across all subject areas.

Learning at Home

Pupils are expected to develop good study habits early in their school career. As such, pupils are expected to engage in purposeful activities set by their teacher which will:

  • Reinforce the learning taking place in class
  • Engage them in individual research
  • Prepare them for subsequent lessons

As our ICT facilities continue to develop, pupils will increasingly be involved in "e-learning" activities where they will have access from home to a range of multimedia resources. 

Key Stage 4

Pathways to Success

A significant strength of Cross and Passion College is our extensive experience in providing opportunities for success for pupils of all abilities. At Key Stage 4, pupils choose from one of two pathways to Post-16 Education or Training. Each young person will be given guidance and support to enable them, along with their parents, to make a well-informed choice based on their strengths, interests, aptitudes and possible career paths. 

The Key Stage 4 curriculum offer is:

Agriculture BTEC
Business Studies
Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA)
Child Development
Countryside and Environment BTEC
English Language
English Literature*

Health and Social Care
Home Economics
Learning for Life and Work
Further Mathematics*

Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies
Occupational Studies
Religious Education
Science - Double Award*
Science - Single Award
Sport BTEC
Technology and Design
Travel & Tourism BTEC

* Pupils will normally need to achieve a Level 6 or higher in these subjects if they wish to take them for GCSE.

In order to ensure accredited success for all pupils, we also offer iGCSE in English, Essential Skills Level 2 in Mathematics, and a short course in Religious Education and ICT. Parents will be consulted about these decisions. 

Revision and Exam Preparation

In addition to the 'Learning to Learn' programme which enables pupils to build further on the skills acquired at Key Stage 3, pupils receive extra guidance on planning and preparing for public examinations, tailored to meet the requirements of the specific subjects being studied. 

Teacher helping students

A proven track record of success:

  • Pupils in all Pathways consistently achieve A/A* or Distinction/Distinction* grades
  • We have significantly narrowed the gap between the achievement of boys and girls
  • The school’s record of academic success is consistently well above the NI average for the percentage of students achieving five or more grades A* to C in a non-selective school
  • On average, 80% of pupils achieve seven or more GCSEs at A* - C
  • Our top achievers at GCSE rank among the top achievers nationally
  • In the last three years, over 90% of our GCSE students have returned to complete Post-16 courses
  • Every year, almost all A-Level students progress to University Courses

We Provide:

  • Quality learning experiences where expectations are high and every young person is encouraged to achieve their 'personal best'
  • A focused, one to one ‘Assertive Mentoring’ programme at strategic points in GCSE courses
  • A comprehensive programme of examination preparation
  • After-school revision classes in many subjects
  • A planned programme of revision and examination support throughout the examination season
  • On-going feedback to parents and pupils on the progress of each individual child towards the achievement of their personal targets
Musical activities

Post 16

Our aim is to prepare and enable pupils to move into the world of Further and Higher Education or employment, confident in their own abilities, aware of their strengths and aptitudes, possessing the qualifications, personal qualities, skills and attitudes they need to pursue their chosen career path.

We focus on the holistic development of each young person and provide opportunities for them to develop their faith and spirituality, to explore their own value system, to develop independence as well as the opportunity to study subjects in a wide range of general and applied courses.

Cross and Passion is one of only a few schools in the local area which can provide pupils with such an extensive choice of subjects post-16. The curriculum offer also meets the requirements of the Entitlement Framework.

A-Level Curriculum

Art & Design
Business Studies
English Literature
Government & Politics

Home Economics
Physical Education
Religious Education
Technology (BHS)

Applied A-Level & BTEC Qualifications

Agriculture - Subsidiary Diploma (BTEC)
Applied Science - Subsidiary Diploma (BTEC)
Business - Subsidiary Diploma (BTEC)
Children's Care Learning and Development - National Diploma (BTEC)
Construction - Subsidiary Diploma (BTEC)
Creative Media - Subsidiary Diploma (BTEC)
Health & Social Care (SA)
ICT (Applied)
IT - Subsidiary Diploma (BTEC)
Science (Applied)
Sport - Subsidiary Diploma & Diploma (DA)

Partners in a Learning Community

The school plays a full and active role in building partnerships with other local education providers, the purpose of which is to extend curriculum opportunities, help inform career choices, and promote mutual understanding and respect for diversity. 

Our Learning Community Partners are:

  • Ballycastle High School
  • Northern Regional College
  • Local business community and local employers

Enrichment Activities

Personal Fitness
Community Sports Leadership Award
Survival Cookery
Arts & Crafts
Public Speaking/Debating
First Aid/Heart Start
Hill Walking
Pope John Paul Award

The Pastoral Programme

Students in Sixth Form are assigned to a Learning Tutor who has day-to-day contact with them and who monitors their overall academic achievement and well-being. The team of Learning Tutors is led by a Year Head who plays a very active role in supporting students throughout their Sixth Form experience. All pupils follow a Personal, Social and Health Education programme that includes Careers and Independent Learning Skills. Pupils applying to Further and Higher Education are supported through the UCAS and CAO application process.