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Health & Social Care


Health and Social Care is a stimulating, relevant and interesting subject. The health, social care and early years sectors are major employers in Northern Ireland. By choosing this subject you will be given the opportunity to study a wide range of topics including communication, social policy, health promotion, physiology, family issues and research methods.

Students of Health and Social Care are encouraged to approach the subject with enthusiasm and get fully involved in the vocational nature of this subject. We aim to provide students with knowledge and skills they can transfer across different subjects and in further education; for example research skills, quality written communication and the ability to analyse.


Mrs U Kelly
Miss E McKay (Teacher in Charge of Social Sciences)


Exam Board: CCEA

This is a 2 year course, comprising 1 exam unit and 1 controlled assessment unit. Both units are worth 50% of the total marks.

Year 11: Unit 1 – Personal Development, Health and Well-being (exam)

Year 12: Unit 2 – Working in the Health, Social Care and Early Years Sectors (controlled assessment)



A-Level Health & Social Care (EDEXCEL)

Students study 6 Units at A Level comprising 2 exam and 4 coursework units.


  • Unit 1: Promoting Quality Care (coursework-worth 10% of A Level)
  • Unit 2: Communication in Health, Social Care and Early Years Settings (coursework- worth 10% of A Level)
  • Unit 3: Health and Well-being (Exam- worth 20% of A Level)


  • Unit 1: Applied Research (coursework- worth 15% of A Level)
  • Unit 3: Providing Services (exam- worth 30% of A Level)
  • Unit 4: Health Promotion (coursework- worth 15% of A Level)



Students are encouraged to volunteer in a care setting.  In previous years, some have gained valuable experience volunteering in Greenlight Gateway and Abbeyfield Fold. They have also taken part in reading schemes in local primary schools.