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We aim to be a welcoming, caring, loving and worshipping community, firmly rooted in the teachings of Christ, recognising and respecting each individual as a unique gift from God.  Together, forging a partnership working for the good of all to enable us to grow and develop spiritually, academically, socially and morally.

In the R.E Department we hope to;

  • To develop an interest and enthusiasm for religious studies
  • To develop independent learners
  • To encourage pupils to reflect on their own opinions, values and attitudes
  • To develop critical thinking by engaging in debates and listening to the opinions of others
  • To work with others
  • To becomes active ‘Stewards’ of the environment

Why RE?

Religious Studies is a classical subject and students entering the following professions; Law, Journalism, Teaching and Media Communication will usually study this subject at A Level.


Mrs Geraldine Campbell (HOD)
Mrs Shannyn Doherty
Mrs Elaine McCallum
Mr K McMullan

Key Stage 3

At KS3 we follow the revised Core Curriculum for Religious Education, covering the four Core Objectives of:

  1. Revelation of God
  2. The Christian Church
  3. Morality
  4. World Religions. 

Pupils at KS3 are engaged in active learning through discussion, role-play, team work, games and debate. This allows pupils to develop TSPC, as well as developing Literacy in which RE is a core contributing subject.


At GCSE we follow CCEA.  The ‘Full’ GCSE course comprises of two modules.

  • Unit 4 ‘Matthew’s Gospel’ is completed in May of Year 11
  • Unit 8 ‘Christian Ethics’ is completed in June of Year 12.

Each module is worth 50% .There is no controlled assessment or coursework.

Alternative courses are offered in order to accommodate pupils of all abilities such as the Entry Level Qualification.


At AS/A2 we offer CCEA modules in:

  • Textual Studies - at AS ‘An Introduction to the Gospel of Luke’ and at A2 ‘Themes in the Synoptic Gospels’.
  • Systematic Study of One Religion – at AS ‘The Origins and development of the Early Christian Church’ and at A2 ‘Themes in the Celtic Church, Reformation and Post Reformation.  Religious Studies at A Level is a very popular subject amongst the students. 


Mrs S Doherty leads an impressive Junior and Senior – MAD (Making A Difference group, which deals with areas around social Justice and the environment.  The group assists with the preparation and delivery of assemblies.

Mrs G Campbell leads a group of Sixth Year students in the popular John Paul II Award.  This award scheme has seen extensive networking between the school, local businesses and charities.  The pupils give up their own time to ‘volunteer’ their services.  Students are also more actively engaged in the Church and liturgical services.