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Physical Education


Physical education has a distinct and unique contribution to the development of the ‘whole’ person in the physical, mental, social, emotional and moral domains.  The study of Physical Education provides the opportunity for our students to develop an understanding of their body systems, respect for other cultures and develops cooperative relationships with others in the physical environment.

Physical Education strives to contribute to:

  • An understanding of the moral and cultural dimensions of education by offering a whole range of PE activities through cooperative and competitive situations with others

  • Health related fitness education through developing fitness and physical development as an integral part of the PE program as a ‘fitness focus’ in all physical activities.

  • Health education through knowledge and understanding of physical activity and its contribution to the maintenance of life long personal health and fitness

  • The purposeful use of leisure time through offering extracurricular opportunities, relevant sports community links and information that encourage participation beyond the PE lesson.

  • Develop positive attitudes of sportsmanship, perseverance, commitment, courage, graciousness, leadership and inter dependence in our students.

  • To the assessment for learning processes, by giving opportunities for the pupils to make informed judgments about their own and others’ performance for improvement.



Ms J Donnelly (HOD)
Mr J Cassidy
Mr O Kearney
Mrs C Black
Mrs U Kelly

Key Stage 3

In KS3 PE, the department follows guidelines in the NI Revised Curriculum and pupils receive 5 x 52 minute PE lessons over the two week timetable.

Sports offered:

Boys - hurling, gaelic, soccer, rugby, badminton, athletics, tennis, volleyball, fitness activities, unihoc, trampoline, cross country, gymnastics and basketball.                             

Girls – camogie, netball, badminton, athletics, rounders, tennis, fitness activities, unihoc, trampoline, cross country, dance, gymnastics and basketball.

They are assessed in PE Levels – 3-8 and cover 8- 10 physical activities annually.  At the end of every year, inclusive of end of KS3, students are given a PE level based on an average of their 4 ‘best’ sports.



Unit 1 Introduction to Physical Education

50% (100 marks) theoretical component based on a two hour exam at the end of year 12.

       5 Areas of Study:

  • Health ,Training & Exercise

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Movement Analysis

  • Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity

  • Socio-Cultural Issues in Sport

Unit 2 - The Active Participant in Physical Education

50%  (100 marks) practical component (inclusive of ‘personal fitness program’ written coursework), done over the two year period.

3 controlled assessments that must include individual and team sports.  

BTEC Sport Level 2 (EDEXCEL)

Pupils can choose this course which is 6 lessons over the two week timetable to cover coursework units and an online exam. 


Students have a choice of the following courses in POST 16 PE:

BTEC Sport Level 3  Subsidiary  Diploma - Single Award – equivalent of one A Level. 6 units completed over 2 year period.

BTEC Sport Level 3 Diploma – Double Award – equivalent of two A Levels, 12 units completed over 2 year period.


WJEC A2 level PE

  • AS unit 2 (coursework) Units 1 and 3 exam Year 13

  • A2 unit 5 (coursework) Units 4 and 6 exam Year 14


CPC has a reputation and a long tradition of being very successful in sport, in many games as well as in athletics.

The PE Department offers a very varied extra curricular program to our students, which is balanced through the competitive opportunities as well as the social and recreational.

Students have the opportunity to, not only progress in their sports skills and knowledge, but can also exploit leadership opportunities through assisting the coaches in sports clubs.  There really is something for everyone!

School Teams compete in; hurling, camogie, Gaelic football, netball,soccer, rugby, athletics.

There are recreational clubs for badminton, trampoline and fitness suite.