Forestors Cup Victory

The winning team pictured with their trophy

The winning team pictured with their trophy

The year 11 and 12 boys celebrated lifting the Forestors Cup on March 28th, providing themselves and the school community with a lovely send off for the Easter break.  

With many of the staff and pupils making their way over to the game directly after school, the crowd were treated to a dynamic, but very controlled display as they saw of a strong challenge from contenders St. Killian's.  The match wasn't as close as expected, with the CPC boys demonstrating their commitment and skill by blocking, hooking and winning battles all over the pitch. 

Seamus McAuley was man of the match, with an outstanding haul of 2-11 and you can read a full report and see some more excellent pictures, taken by our friends Dylan and Curly McIlwaine, over on their website The Saffron Gael.

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