'Day of Ambition' for Year 11 pupils

On Wednesday 20th September all Year 11 pupils attended a series of ‘Day of Ambition’ workshops held in CPC. The workshops were provided by Generation Innovation and were driven by their vision that Northern Ireland will be one of the leading entrepreneurial knowledge economies in Europe by 2030.

The context for this event was ‘Education for Global Success’ and it aimed to create the next generation of innovators who are curious, creative problem solvers, collaborators and excellent communicators, enabling them to achieve their potential in an ever changing world. It also aimed to open the eyes of young people to aim higher, push boundaries and prepare for careers as innovators.

The individual workshops looked at one of the key 21st Century Skills including;

Resilience & Character, Collaborative Working, Communication & Listening Skills, Creative Problem Solving, Agility & Adaptability, Critical Thinking and Empathy.

The speakers included the Head of School at the University of Ulster, entrepreneurs and leaders of Communication, Design and Technology companies.

This was an invaluable experience for our Year 11 pupils as they look to the future and plan their career path. They all engaged fully on the day and were commended on their participation and ideas.