Cross and Passion GCSE pupils push the barriers again!

The pupils of Cross and Passion College were celebrating continued unprecedented success on Thursday as they received their GCSE results.  It was another record breaking day at CPC with 71.7% of pupils achieving 5A*-C grades including English and Maths.  The top achievers continued to perform at the highest levels of grading and Lucy McCaughan, Molly McAlonan, Zoe Lynn, Ciara Mathers and Clodagh McSorley each scored at least 10 A* grades.  Indeed the five girls between them achieved 52 A* grades, a record that would be the envy of any school in the country.

The top achieving group of pupils included two sets of twins, Clodagh and Patrick McSorley and Michael and Carla McGarry, doubling the celebrations in their households.

The Principal of Cross and Passion, Mr Paul McClean, was full of praise for the pupils and staff at the school as they celebrated the success of the young people. 

“This year the pupils have scored an amazing set of GCSE results here at the school, a trend that has been continuing for years.  I would like to pay a tribute, on the pupils’ behalf, to all the staff at the school, and those who have retired or moved on over the years.  Cross and Passion College is renowned for enabling pupils of all abilities to reach their full potential and this great tradition is a bedrock on which the pupils continue to build success.  We are very pleased with the results of our pupils today and they have proven that with determination and hard work, each and every one of them can experience huge success.  We look forward to welcoming them back for further study, although they are all allowed another week of rest and relaxation before the next stage begins! 

Five of our Year 12 girls achieved 52 A* grades between them and whilst this is a hugely impressive feat, it is also a calling to our boys to rise to meet this challenge and we will be ensuring they continue to aspire to these dizzy heights also!

The pupil academic outcomes are the focus of today’s celebration, however it is the wide and varied experiences the young people can take part in here at Cross and Passion that help shape them as young adults making their way towards further study and careers.  I want to thank the young people for the character they have shown and the life they bring to the school, and also to thank their parents for their support as we work together to ensure that each child reaches their potential.”